If you are wanting to know where to buy bespoke furniture then we need to first start with what.

If for example you are looking to redesign a whole room or even your entire home, including all soft furnishings and decorations, then an interior designer would likely be your first thoughts, and if renovation, structural or extension work is required then will likely be considering first approaching an architect. In the majority of cases both of these approach to your project would be the correct first steps and your interior designer or architect would most likely be able to recommend  a number of furniture makers that they work with that will either make to the interiors designers specification and design or will carry out the full design and manufacture alongside the interior designer. An interior designer would certainly add real value in providing overall vision and inspiration to your project, and I have personally worked with some truly amazing interior designers over the years that I would happily recommend myself.

There are however bespoke furniture companies that will deliver a comprehensive design package and will also provide professional interior design services. Choosing a bespoke furniture company over an interior design company for the lead on your project could actually be a smarter decision that better caters for your needs. Especially if your project requires a significant amount of bespoke furniture and joinery such as a kitchen or a fully fitted bedroom or dressing room. Taking this more engineered approach to your project will not only ensure the practical elements of your design are put at the centre of the project from the outset, but will also ensure the aesthetics & functional requirements are fully thought through at concept stage with full construction and installation requirements being considered. This aspect of a bespoke project’s delivery is not only sometimes overlooked by the customer but also by the designers themselves, especially if they do not have extensive furniture knowledge.

“The one thing my 20+ years of experience in this industry has taught me is that projects run the smoothest, with the best overall end results for the customer, when the right professional is consulted for their respective specialist areas of expertise” — Dean Watson BA (Hons)

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