Sketches, artist impressions, 2D technical drawings & mood boards are all great methods of providing visual information of the design intent, but let’s be honest in this day and age this combination alone no longer cuts the mustard when it comes to gaining your client’s confidence at the concept stage of the design process.

Solo coffee table

I have been in the design industry for over a decade now and even I still struggle to visualise details and interfaces when working in 2D, so to expect our clients to have full understanding & confidence in what the end result will look like based on the same information in my view is madness.

With the shear amount of quality 3D modelling and render software packages that are readily available these days and that have become increasingly more intuitive and easier to learn over the years. There really is now no excuse for not considering the use of such a powerful tool from concept through to completion.

3D visuals have proven to be invaluable to our clients, increasing their confidence in not only the end result but also in the communications throughout the concept stage and they are able to make better decisions on design detailing options through the enhanced visual delivery.

Because we also use the very same 3D models to then build on to create the manufacture drawings for our production teams we are able to offer this amazing enhanced front end visual service at a fraction of the isolated cost. Many interior designers and architects will currently pass across their furniture concept designs to the furniture specialists and have the construction detailing created by them from scratch and this comes at additional cost to the client. With our process we take care of the whole design from concept to completion using the same model files throughout the process. We are now also offering these full services to some of these very architects and interior designers to help both them and their clients save time and money in the furniture design and manufacture process.

Our clients tell us that they love the ability to fully see their designs before they are made and many of our clients become much more engaged than they thought they would in the  design development process and enjoy the whole experience much more as a result. Beyond this they have an increased confidence in the end result right at the start of the process and this to us is the key to a successful bespoke furniture design and build project.

Visualisation = Confidence Dean Watson Bespoke Interiors