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A new home office

We are creators of bespoke home office furniture. We create stand alone pieces of furniture for your home office and can also design a full office for any room in your home.

From loft conversion offices to garden offices, work with us to create a truly unique home office that maximises your space whilst allowing allowing you to work efficiently and in harmony with your environment.

Dean Watson Home Office Style
Wooden Home Office Furniture

Design Your Home Office

We work with you to design a brand new home office for modern living.

Decor Process
Step 1
Discuss Your Home Office Project

So you want a new home office? Maybe you are tight for space and need imaginative solutions. The 1st step to take is to reach out to Dean and the team.

Step 2
Home Office Plan

We will map out your space and everything you need in our project planning software. This will allow us to visualise your space and make adjustments before we build the items.

Step 3
Office Build Phase

.We will manufacture all your new office furniture here in our studio, ensuring your theme is accurate and every item bespoke to your your requirements.

Step 4

Once we have manufactured your new home office, all items will be delivered and installed by our team.

Enquire About A New Home Office

Home Office Planning

Office Theme

Sure you could go out an purchase an assortment of office items. But at Dean Watson we create experiences through concepts.

Offices with CHARACTER

Our bespoke home offices will follow your vision and are full of character. Want a bamboo themed office in the garden? Not a problem.

Modern Home Office Design

We can build a home office in any room or space in your home that you have available and that you think will work well for your needs. Some people choose to convert a spare bedroom into a home office, while others use a corner of their living room or a nook under the stairs.

The important thing is to find a space that is comfortable, quiet, and conducive to productivity. You can also consider building a dedicated home office in your backyard or garage if you wish to have a more private area way from day to day household noise and disturbance.

Here at Dean Watson we can not only design and build a full office for you in the home, we also specialise in bespoke desks and shelving, perfect for your home office environment.

Commissioned Office Furniture

Traditional, Modern & Rustic Home Offices

We have designed offices in large retail spaces and also in residential properties. We can create each piece of furniture to fit into your theme and help to create the perfect office for your working environment..

  • Residential Offices
  • Authentic Office Furniture

  • Office Themes
  • Bespoke Office Design

Silver Theme Office
Dark wooden home office
Rustic Office