Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Storage solution for bedroom with slanted roof

Dean Watson PortraitBespoke furniture is the solution to those awkward triangular spaces in your home.  

Here’s why… 

Awkward spaces, such as under stairs and sloping ceilings, can often go unused or become cluttered and this is of course due to their awkward shape, cabinets are generally square, and these spaces are triangles. This is where bespoke storage solutions can really make a huge difference in your home, maximising every inch of that awkward, unused, or cluttered triangular space.  

Bespoke Wardrobe for Slanted Ceiling

Storage wardrobe built into slanted roof

With a bespoke storage solution, it can be made to fit the space perfectly and allows you to include features like adjustable shelves, hanging rails, and drawers, making the most of the space and ensuring that it works for you.

You can even go one step further and create very specific storage solutions, just like the large pull-out hanging rail in the image below, and what about sloping! 

Wardrobe with pull out rails

Yes sloping hanging rails? They do indeed exist and allow you get the maximum hanging height across the width of the wardrobe under a sloped ceiling. This extra thought and effort in the design of a bespoke solution for these awkward spaces really does squeeze every bit of space out of your storage. 

  • Custom Storage Furniture

  • Your Own Design

  • Made to Order

Unlimited Storage Solutions

But it does not end there, with a bespoke furniture solution you can perfectly match the style and décor of the room, creating a cohesive and attractive look. This can make the space feel so much more organized and visually appealing.

Freestanding bespoke furniture can also work very well for these awkward spaces. Check out this under stairs cabinet that we designed and made, that maximises storage under a staircase that had open treads.

Custom Sized Storage Cabinet Under Stairs

Under stair bespoke cabinet

With open treads, a built-in cupboard underneath is obviously not a viable solution so a free standing solution that follows the angle of the stairs is a great way to add more storage without closing the area off completely.

So if you have an awkward (triangle) space in your home, then having a bespoke designed storage solution could not only be the best use of the space, but could dramatically improve the tidiness and aesthetic of the whole room.

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